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Sketchbook: Ava’s Computer


Parking Lot, 5th Avenue

Parking Lot, 5th Avenue

things seen from a parking lot


Zoe’s cardinal

Zoe's cardinal1 (1) 11 (3)1 (2)

My oldest daughter Zoe asked me to paint a cardinal in honor of her Great Great Auntie Mary, Grammy, and Grandad. She intends to get a tattoo of this cardinal. I’m debating whether I want her to draw a spaceship, a chicken, or both for me.

Penelope’s bird

Penelope's bird

oil paint, beeswax, stones, on wood

This is an old painting from early 1990. My mother was an avid bird watcher. During my teenage years she used to horrify me by standing in our suburban back yard while making what I considered a thoroughly insane cacophony of tweeting and chirping sounds. Little did I know that as a mother and older woman I am inclined to behave in the very same manner when outdoors. I pay no attention to what embarrassment and misery my own two teenage girls might be experiencing.